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Solving Small Business Cash-flow Problems with Low Interest Financing

Invest your money on running your business. Leave the time, efforts and accounting to invox finance


How we are solving small business cash flow problems

The traditional model exposes the financier to considerable risk and increases the likelihood of disputes. It’s time for a change.


Sellers who have invoices they wish to sell to accelerate their cash-flow


The seller aims to obtain the best possible price for their goods or services and to receive payment for these as soon as possible. Allowing the buyer to delay payment of the invoices makes the seller more competitive but can also create periodic cash-flow issues for the seller. The risk to the seller is that they will not be able to continue operating their business without invoices being paid on delivery.


Through our platform we will connect the seller directly with individual investors who will finance the seller’s invoices. The seller will be able to get 80% of the face value of each invoice as soon as the invoices are issued and registered on our platform, thereby reducing the risk that they will not have the money to cover their operating expenses while they are waiting to get paid.


Investors seeking higher rates of return and diversification of their investment portfolio


Investors are currently not able to directly invest in invoice financing without establishing an invoice financing business. In the traditional invoice financing model, the risk is that the investor does not have a direct relationship with the buyer. The investor solely trusts the information provided by the seller. This exposes the investor to a considerable risk of the invoice not being paid as agreed, or being disputed.


Through our platform, investors will be granted access to an investment product that is for the most part currently only available to the banks and finance companies. Each investor will be able to invest in a number of loan fragments from a large number of diverse businesses across various industry sectors. Our platform’s loan fragmentation algorithm will automatically match the investor’s risk and investment profile with a predicted return on investment. Unlike in the traditional invoice financing model, on our platform the buyer will be part of the eco-system and will be asked to verify that the invoice is genuine and is due and payable. This reduces the risk to the investors that the invoice will not be paid. Invoices that are not verified by the buyer as genuine, due and payable may not be funded.


Buyers who will receive extended invoice payment periods and be rewarded for verifying invoices


The buyer wants to obtain the lowest possible price for their purchase and to delay invoice payment for as long as possible to optimise the use of their working capital. The risk to the buyer is that they may not have sufficient cash available to pay the invoices on delivery or shortly thereafter.


Once the seller has access to invoice financing, the seller is in a position to give the buyer more time to pay for their invoices (typically 30 to 60 days, however on our platform longer payment terms will be available), thereby optimising the buyer’s cash-flow position. When the invoice is paid by the buyer on our platform, the seller will receive the 20% balance of the invoice less the financing fee payable to the investors.



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We consider our token not to be a security due to its utility and consumptive tokens and have obtained qualified legal advice concerning our token.

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No new coins will ever be created after the Token Generation Event.

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The Invox Finance platform users are required to hold 1% of the value of the loans made, in INVOX in their wallets to access and continue to use the platform. Additionally, rewards are paid in INVOX.

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